Formula 1

A new design for Aston Martin’s rear wing at the Hungarian Grand Prix

With a curved transition between the elements, the new regulations hoped to bid farewell to the traditional endplate and wing interaction of the past. This was designed to weaken the tip vortex, limiting airflow disruption and contributing to the overall goal of making it easier for cars to follow one another. Aston Martin has introduced a design for the Hungaroring weekend that contradicts the intent of the new regulations. Its rear wing has a unique arrangement on the forwardmost portion of the endplate that allows the mainplane to butt up to it in a more traditional manner, increasing its span and potential downforce. The vertical presence of the endplate above the mainplane is an anomaly with these new regulations, and it is made possible by the presence of the apostrophe-like rolled over section, which has required the designers to reinterpret the radius and curvature required by the regulations. The Aston Martin Endplate of the AMR22 rear wing 1/3 Unknown photographer Endplate for the rear wing of an Aston Martin AMR22 Uncredited Photographer 2/3 The rear wing of an Aston Martin AMR22. Uncredited photographer 3/3 To manage the airflow’s trajectory and pressure distribution around this region, the team flared out the rearmost portion of the endplate at the intersection with the mainplane’s trailing edge, so that the two work in tandem. This is also due to the design constraints imposed by the endplate and upper flap transition, as the designers were unable to achieve a similar feat at their intersection with the mainplane juncture. It’s an elegant solution, but the FIA may choose to look into it and try to rewrite the regulations to stymie any further developments in this direction in the future, given that it contradicts the overall goals of the F1 2022 rule overhaul. It is yet another feather in the cap of Aston Martin, a team that has always managed to find novel ways of interpreting the regulations, regardless of the name above the door. Also see: After the Hungary upgrade was revealed, Haas stated that there was no surprise in the Ferrari copy. Why does Sebastian Vettel fear falling into a “hole” after retiring from Formula One? Alonso: A 10-minute conversation can decide my future with Alpine F1