Formula 1

Alonso: “I want to enjoy every race weekend”, “I don’t stop to think about records”

» We had a difficult Saturday because we missed Q3 due to traffic. It was a thrilling race that felt like a great qualifying session! You’re visiting Monza for the 19th time. “We had a good race in Zandvoort in front of fantastic fans.” Monza is one of the most historic locations for a Formula One race. Because of my time at Ferrari, I’m always welcomed by Italian fans. “Do you still enjoy running there?” Sixth place in Zandvoort was challenging, but exciting for you, tell us… This weekend, Fernando Alonso will compete in his 350th Formula One Grand Prix (from 352 entries), tying Kimi Raikkonen’s record. I won twice and was on the podium several times there. Fit and ready to compete at Monza, he will look to cap off this record-breaking weekend with another high-flying performance in Italy. Finally, I got my tenth point finish in a row, and we’ll try to keep it going at Monza this weekend. “ However, the car performed admirably in the race, allowing us to gain numerous positions. On this triple clash, we transition from the very Dutch atmosphere of Zandvoort to the passion of the Tifosi in Monza, which is quite unique. It was a battle until the end, and we eventually took sixth place after the Ferrari penalty. Is this satisfactory to you? You can match Kimi’s total number of F1 Grands Prix this weekend. To be honest, I try not to think about the records too much and instead concentrate on the race. But as long as I’m working, I don’t have time to think about it. I want to enjoy and make the most of every race weekend. Of course, it’s a fantastic achievement that will make me proud and happy when I look back in the rearview mirror. It’s a fantastic achievement and obviously fantastic to be able to share the record for the most Formula One starts with Kimi on Sunday. It’s the end of a long three-week road trip, so we’re hoping to keep scoring points and enter the longer races in good shape.