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Aston Martin Formula 1 boss Mike Krack says more updates are planned for the British Grand Prix Aston Martin Formula 1 boss Mike Krack says more updates are planned for the British Grand Prix Aston Martin Formula 1 boss Mike Krack says more updates are planned for the British Grand Prix Aston Martin Formula 1 boss Mike Krack

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Aston Martin improved significantly for the Spanish Grand Prix after a challenging start to the season, drawing comparisons to Red Bull’s RB18 concept.

Since then, the team’s performance has improved, with points being scored in each of the last three races and a top finish of sixth place in Azerbaijan thanks to Sebastian Vettel.

The update initially struggled to make much of an effect in Spain before proving more competitive on the street circuits in Monaco, Azerbaijan, and Canada, but Aston Martin F1 CEO Mike Krack cautioned the team against becoming “overambitious.”

More changes are expected for the British Grand Prix to help Vettel and teammate Lance Stroll’s chances of winning by addressing some of the flaws highlighted with the new package in Barcelona.

We had that [improvement] for Barcelona, but as you may remember, then, we were also very obviously deficient in pace, and the car has not improved, according to Krack.

“We have a car that is unquestionably better, but we also have tracks that have allowed us to be a little more competitive than we could have been had there been three races at a track like Barcelona.

“We have to keep our feet firmly planted. We chose to approach it that way since we are aware that we must provide updates for the types of tracks that are currently in the works.

Because everyone will have updated cars at Silverstone, “We have to update the car to be able to stay competitive.”

Lance Stroll, Pierre Gasly, and the AlphaTauri AT03 Photo credit: Motorsport Images / Zak Mauger

Given the similarities to Barcelona, Krack was asked if Silverstone would present a more challenging weekend for Aston Martin. He responded, “If we would not improve the car, definitely.

“But as I said, we will provide updates, and after that, it will rely undoubtedly on how far we advance relative to other countries.

“We worked on our [plans], found a few somewhat larger packages, a few slightly smaller packages, and according to how the races are shaping up, we also identified the weaknesses of the car in Barcelona.”

Despite being developed concurrently with the launch-spec car, the Barcelona idea on the AMR22 has given the team a far larger setup window.

It has encouraged the team to continue working on the 2022 car by moving Aston Martin up the constructors’ championship standings and into regular competition for points and Q3 spots.

You only need a small step to fill in a lot of places in the tight midfield, according to Krack.

“In the past, when you had extremely low positions and there were significant variations between the vehicles, this was a little bit different. However, I believe there was 0.4 seconds in Baku’s FP3 between P5 and P15.

“If you manage to be in front of that group, the points that you score are much, much more than if you lack those two, three tenths that you need for it.

Therefore, we cannot simply state that we looked at the new car. Since we can’t end a year where we began it, getting to the head of this group will make fighting for points easier.