Formula 1

Aston Martin reveals 90% of parts on 2023 Formula 1 car are new

Aston Martin has revealed details about its 2023 Formula One car, claiming that 90% of the parts are brand new.
After a slow start to the 2022 season, the Silverstone-based team’s form improved as the season progressed. It scored points in nine of the final 11 races of the season and was tied with Alfa Romeo on 55 points in the Constructors’ Championship – but the Italian team took sixth in the standings due to a better race result during the year.
In an Aston Martin pre-season interview, deputy technical director Eric Blandin discussed how different the AMR23 will be from its predecessor.
“We applied everything we learned from last year’s car to this year’s car,” he explained. “The AMR23 is so different from the AMR22 in so many ways. We’ve changed more than 90% of the parts, and more than 95% of the aerodynamic surfaces are new.”
The year 2023 will be the second under new technical regulations, with the rules drastically changing last season. As Aston Martin works to move closer to the front of the grid, Blandin says the new car will have “clever innovations,” but they won’t be game changers for the team.
“On the new car, we’ve implemented a few clever innovations – they’re the icing on the cake,” he said. “They’re nice to have, but not necessary. It’s great when you find a small loophole and can exploit it, but it’s not often that you can build an entire car around it.
“Instead, it’s essential to get the basics right, and then you can add things. When you start a new car project, you identify your previous year’s limitations – and how you can overcome them with the new design – and you define the architecture that will give you the most future potential. If you pursue the wrong concept, you may end up boxing yourself in – you may run out of development avenues – and this is a difficult situation to escape.”
Following Sebastian Vettel’s retirement, Aston Martin has signed Fernando Alonso to drive alongside Lance Stroll in the upcoming season.