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DAZN raises its prices: how the plans remain with the updated prices

On-demand streaming services have increased throughout 2022, and it appears that the situation will remain unchanged at the start of 2023. In fact, DAZN has just announced that it will raise the price of its subscription, making it more expensive to watch football, MotoGP, and Formula 1.
This increase is unsurprising given the general trend of streaming services, but it is still bad news for users. And, as a result, absolutely all services are increasing, forcing decisions to be made about whether it is worthwhile to maintain one platform or gamble on another.
In the case of DAZN, the increases have been consistent and are framed within a very characteristic pattern: the share grows progressively as greater access to content, such as football matches or leagues of any kind, is made available. Its most recent ascent takes us to the summer of 2022, but it has now reached January 2023.
We will dissect the rise that DAZN has experienced and will continue to experience until the next quota calculation. Of course, it’s time to look back a few months for perspective, because the price increases in all plans can be prohibitively expensive for some users who already have other platforms.

DAZN raises its prices: this is how the plans retain their updated prices.

First and foremost, the new DAZN Victoria plan is priced at 9.99 euros and focuses on women’s football. It is the cheapest of DAZN’s plans because the next two include LaLiga, Formula 1 World Cups, MotoGP, Premier League, and basketball matches, among other things.
The next plan up the price ladder is DAZN Essential, which costs between 12.99 and 18.99 euros per month. In addition to what has already been seen: Formula 1 and MotoGP world championships, Premier League, Euroleague basketball, F League and UWCL, a 6 euro increase is not a tasty dish for those who have subscribed to this plan.
DAZN Total is the most comprehensive plan; it includes LaLiga Santander, allowing you to watch 5 games per day for 35 of the 38 days of the Santander League. It also includes the Formula One world championships, MotoGP, the Premier League, basketball, and the remaining content from the previous two plans.
Being DAZN Total, the most comprehensive plan, has also seen a price increase that makes it difficult to justify: it has risen from 24.99 euros to 29.99 euros. DAZN Total and DAZN Essential can both be paid in a single payment or in installments with permanence, with a single payment of 299.99 euros and 149.99 euros respectively.