Formula 1

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem backs new Formula 1 entries amid Andretti Global’s ongoing bid

In the midst of Andretti Global’s ongoing bid, FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has reiterated his support for new Formula One entries.
Last week, Andretti announced a partnership with General Motors in which Cadillac would join the grid alongside it. F1’s reaction was lukewarm and cautious, whereas the FIA, the series’ governing body, was more receptive and welcoming.
According to a recent report, the vast majority of F1 teams are opposed to Andretti joining the grid and expanding it beyond ten teams. Alpine is expected to support Andretti’s entry because Renault is believed to be the manufacturer that will initially supply Andretti Cadillac with Power Units.
Teams are concerned about how Andretti’s entry will affect their revenue share. However, Ben Sulayem, speaking to the media at the Dakar Rally from Saudi Arabia, believes that F1 should be more open to accepting new teams.
“In general, if we look at the sustainability of Formula 1, we have to open it up to other brands. “We can have up to 12 teams on the grid,” Ben Sulayem explained. “An OEM – manufacturer – will help make Formula 1 better and I see no reason for which we should not welcome new teams, especially the Americans.
“We’ve already had three races there this year. Any proposal to be one of the 12 teams is welcome.
“We accept good teams, even if they are small, as Haas is. We’re hoping that things will change and that we’ll be able to field a proper 11th team; we’ll see what happens.”
The FIA is considering establishing an expressions of interest process for potential new teams. If Andretti Cadillac’s bid to join the grid is successful, the team will almost certainly field an American driver. Colton Herta is the current frontrunner, having piqued Red Bull’s interest in 2022.