Formula 1

Formula 1 racing dream comes true for 11-year-old Max Winfield from Somerset

A driven high school student has increased his effort in the pursuit of his Formula 1 racing goals.

Ecotricity has agreed to sponsor Max Winfield, 11, of Rodborough so he can compete in a national e-karting competition series.

With four races left, he is presently in second place in F1 driver Rob Smedley’s national electric karting championship. He has already taken home two podium finishes.

Max, a sixth-grader at Westonbirt School, declared: “My dream is to race in Le Mans and become a Formula-e driver someday.”

“Perhaps one day, if I continue to work hard and have faith in myself, I will realize my dream.

“With my objective being to win the series and go into the junior classes, I feel like I can do something exceptional this year.

“I was motivated to compete in the e-karting series since the racing is cleaner, more equitable, and competitive thanks to the e-karts’ amazing torque and quick power. It’s quite thrilling.”

“It is an honor for me to fly the flag and be sponsored by Ecotricity.”

Max collaborated with Ecotricity’s graphic design team member Angus Scott to create his race suit and helmet.

He has raced at tracks all around the UK, including the Lydd Kart Circuit in Kent and the Thruxton track in Andover.

The robust E-Karts’ two batteries can create 5.5KW of electricity while traveling at a speed of 50 MPH thanks to an off-grid energy charger.

Ecotricity’s creator, Dale Vince, said: “I was eager to participate as soon as I learned about Max’s electric karting endeavors.

Going green and switching to renewable energy sources don’t spell the death of competitive sports; rather, they provide us the possibility to do them differently.”

Sean Price, principal of Westonbirt Prep School, remarked that Max has been a fantastic addition to the institution. We hope he continues to pursue driving, where he has had such great success.

Rob Smedley, a former Formula 1 driver who is passionate about introducing more fair, environmentally friendly, and accessible racing to support the development of young, talented drivers, developed the Total Karting Zero series.

Using an arrive and drive format in which all karts and engines are equal in performance, the national competition allows for a more level playing field saving families money on the vehicles and transportation.

Prior to 2019, Formula 1 made bold aspirations to have a net-zero carbon impact by 2030.

This weekend, Max will compete in his next significant race at Nigel Mansell Raceway in Devon. This event is the third in the national series.

Follow Max’s progress on Instagram at @maxwinfieldracing to keep up with the series.