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Formula 1 will continue to feature three sprint races in 2023

Skip to the main content The FIA has confirmed that three sprint races will return to the Formula One calendar in 2023. Earlier this year, the FIA rejected F1’s proposal to increase the number of sprint races from three to six. The sport’s governing body has released the first set of rules for the upcoming season. “A sprint session will take place at up to three competitions,” they say. The format of the Saturday races remains unchanged from those held alongside three rounds of the championship this year. Last year, F1 debuted its sprint format at three events. However, it has been repeatedly thwarted in its efforts to increase the number of sprint events. Teams objected to a proposal to hold six sprint races this year due to cost concerns. Three sprint races are thus being held, two of which have already taken place, with a third set to take place at the Brazilian Grand Prix in November. For 2023, F1 proposed increasing the number of sprint races to six once more. This received team support when it was discussed by the F1 Commission in April, but it did not receive FIA support. “While supporting the principle of more sprint events, the FIA is still evaluating the impact of this proposal on its trackside operations and personnel and will provide feedback to the Commission,” the sport’s governing body said at the time. The FIA World Motor Sport Council approved the first edition of the 2023 F1 sporting regulations on Tuesday. If approved by a’super majority’ of the F1 Commission, next year’s rules could be changed to reduce the number of sprint events. This requires 28 of 30 votes to be distributed among the 10 teams (one vote each) and representatives from the FIA and Formula One Management (10 votes each). The WMSC would then have to approve the change. Advert | Support the 2023 Formula One season by becoming a RaceFans member. After Zhou’s Silverstone crash, F1 roll hoops will face tougher tests in 2023. The FIA proposes rule changes for 2023 to address the “significant safety issue” of porpoising. Gasly has been confirmed for another season at AlphaTauri. Melbourne has a new 10-year F1 contract, as well as F2 and F3 support races. F1 CEO Domenicali pays a visit to Kyalami to discuss the 2023 race. View all 2023 Formula One season articles. Information about the author Collantine, Keith Lifelong motorsports enthusiast Keith founded RaceFans in 2005, when it was known as F1 Fanatic. Previously employed as a motoring… Do you have a potential story, tip, or inquiry? Learn more about RaceFans and get in touch with us here. Navigation after the jump