Formula 1

Formula 1’s first half of the season has been dominated by Mercedes.

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To keep Mercedes the only team without a retirement so far in 2022, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have completed every race.

However, title contenders Red Bull and Ferrari have also experienced their fair share of technical issues in the early going.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull retired from the grand prix in Bahrain (fuel pump) and Australia (fuel leak), and Sergio Perez was ejected from the race in Canada last week due to a gearbox issue.

Beyond the events that rendered Carlos Sainz ineligible in Australia and Imola, Ferrari has also experienced race-ending car issues.

While teammate Charles Leclerc experienced engine failures in Baku and Spain, the Spaniard experienced a hydraulic breakdown during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff, the team manager for Mercedes, acknowledged his team’s strong finishing record but disagreed that it had produced an unbeatable vehicle.

It’s amusing that both teams’ automobiles keep coming to a stop, he observed. “However, you mustn’t be complacent about it since things can swiftly turn around.

“We’re pleased with our dependability. When we consider how the engine performed last year, we encountered the other phenomenon as well as numerous issues. I don’t want to become overly thrilled too soon because of this.

Charles Leclerc, driving a Ferrari F1-75, limps back to the pit. Glenn Dunbar/Motorsport Images provided the picture.

Although Leclerc may have lost two victories due to issues with reliability due to Ferrari’s reliability issues, team owner Mattia Binotto does not believe that DNFs will be the deciding factor in the championship race.

After the Canadian Grand Prix, he commented, “Reliability is obviously vital, just as important as the performance, but I don’t think will be the only determinant.”

The budget deficit, along with development from now until the end of the season, is another, in my opinion, followed by reliability.

While this year’s F1 vehicles are all-new, the powertrains are carryovers because the engine restrictions won’t change until 2026.

However, according to Binotto, Ferrari has been exposed as a result of a wintertime refurbishment and restrictions placed on dyno testing.

The issue arises from the fact that the project is still in its early stages since “the power unit is a completely new design compared to the past,” he stated.

“On top of that, there are restrictions on the dynos that did not exist previously, making it difficult to run much on the dyno. Because of our limitations, the workout is more challenging.

Christian Nimmervoll contributed more to this article.