Formula 1

Haas team boss Gnther Steiner: “We are strong”, “we just need a bit of luck”

Was he taken aback by his German driver’s performance? Mick made the most of it, in my opinion, and being in Q3 was very beneficial for him. “We never give up on the pit wall, and we always try to make the most of the race.” If, as is often the case, Sunday did not go as planned at Haas, Saturday in Zandvoort was more promising: On a race weekend, we make about 50-100 pit stops, and it gets stuck on race day. Wasn’t Günther Steiner tempted to retire his two cars this Sunday in order to save the engine? It’s unfortunate, but we’ve always kept pushing no matter what, and we’ll keep doing so. After Zandvoort, the Haas should suffer at Monza, as it did at Spa. How to explain Kevin Magnussen’s poor performance, which was never really in rhythm or confident? We almost turned the situation around with the safety car and the virtual safety car… but we were just a little too late. “We knew our car needed to perform well at Zandvoort because the circuit has high and medium speed corners, similar to Silverstone and Austria, where we did well.” Mick Schumacher, in particular, managed to finish eighth in Q3, demonstrating that the VF-22 could perform well even without many changes. Günther Steiner, has he had time to thoroughly analyze this race in the Netherlands a few days before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza? Overall, we know the car is strong; all we needed was a little luck, and we could have had some points on Sunday, but qualifying wasn’t too bad. Günther Steiner does not promise his pilots pink… “During the pit stop, the front jack became stuck, which has never happened in seven years and only happens during a race.” “We understand that Monza will not be a strong suit for us. And I’m confident we’ll be in a better position next year. We work harder when we know it will be difficult. We are unable to compete on these circuits this year, but the team in Italy is hard at work on solutions for next year. What can Günther Steiner specifically say about his close relationship with Ferrari? “We’re using these races to gain experience and data for next year’s development, so we’ll be much better prepared than we were this year.” car for the following year We started with almost nothing and produced a very good result this year, in my opinion. We always try our hardest because you never know when it might rain. Because the team uses engineers from Maranello (ex-Ferrari engineers…), as well as the subcontractor Dallara, Italy is almost like a home race for Haas. You must always give your all and never predict a bad race. “We created the department in Italy at the beginning of last year, with ex-Ferrari engineers based in Maranello, not far from Scuderia HQ – but maybe that’s just a coincidence!” With the lessons learned this year, we’re working even harder on next year’s car, and we’re in a better position because the group is now more in sync and understands what we need to do on this new one. « We decided on the design for next year’s F1 a few months ago, so the team is still learning and working hard to ensure we have a good car for 2023. »