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Lando Norris: Is He Getting Enough Credit?

Lando Norris may not be on the podium very often right now, but there’s no denying the lad has talent. There’s a lot of it. Norris is a fan favorite because he was the only driver outside of Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes to finish in the top three of a race last season.
However, his boss, Zak Brown, believes that his son’s name is not being given enough respect. Of course, we’ve all seen him completely destroy Daniel Ricciardo in recent seasons, but Zak believes Norris isn’t getting enough credit for how good he truly is.
“He’s just getting better and better,” Brown said in a YouTube interview with McLaren.
“He puts together some incredible qualifying laps. “I don’t think he gets enough credit for how amazing he can be when it comes time to saddle up.” We’ll be in FP3 and then, bang, there it is in qualifying when he needs to do it in Q3, which he frequently does.”
Lando even managed to impress us all in Brazil last season despite being sick with food poisoning. Despite being absent from the track on media day, he competed in qualifying, Sprint, and race while ill.
“I lost 3.5kg, almost 4kg in weight,” Lando admitted after the weekend in Brazil, despite finishing P4 in qualifying on Friday!! Crazy 🤯
“He makes very few mistakes, and he rarely makes a big mistake,” Brown said of Lando.
“When I compare him to when he first started, he has a very high level of confidence – but not arrogance – and he’s definitely at one with the team and the racing car… If I compare season one to now, his racecraft has improved exponentially.”
Of course, Zak will now promote Lando as his team’s best driver. However, it made us think…
Do people give Lando enough credit for what he does now in Formula One? Please let us know in the comments.