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Lando Norris says he’ll return to Cumbria for Quadrant merch shoot

1 STAR FORMULA Lando Norris recently visited Cumbria to film content for his side project ‘Quadrant,’ and he promises to return.

The McLaren driver came to Cumbria for a merchandise shoot for the Quadrant clothing and lifestyle collection.

They collaborated with M-Sport and traveled to Greystoke Forest to capture the images.

M-Sport made the decision to shoot in Cumbria, and Lando and the Quadrant team stated, “The bonus was that Cumbria and Greystoke Forest provided the most incredible setting.”

The Quadrant team expressed gratitude to M-Sport for facilitating and allowing them to do what ‘would never have worked anywhere else.’

Lando in Cumbria with his friend Max Fewtrell

Lando mentioned in the video that the shoot took place on the hottest day ever recorded in Cumbria last month.

In retrospect, the team stated, “Honestly, the weather was an absolute blessing, shooting apparel in the rain isn’t ideal, and that was my biggest concern with the unpredictability of Cumbrian/British weather.”

“To have the brand wrapped onto an M-Sport Rally spec Fiesta and raced around Greystoke for the day was a surreal experience for everyone involved in the Quadrant brand,” the team said.

“Both the team and Lando were left speechless by the experience, and the quality of content generated during our time with M-Sport ultimately allowed us to sell the collection out in under an hour.”

M-Sport rally car with Quadrant branding

“Greystoke Forest and the backdrop of Cumbria was a perfect mix and definitely a highlight for Lando and the team at Quadrant,” said the Quadrant team of the shoot.

When asked if the Quadrant team and Lando will return, many Cumbrian F1 fans will be relieved to hear that they will. “Without a doubt, with the relationship we’ve built with M-Sport, I’d like to think Lando and the Quadrant brand will be back in Cumbria in the not-too-distant future,” says the team.

The full YouTube video can be found here:

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