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Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc’s Formula 1 battle at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, competitors in Formula 1, nearly collided at the British Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is criticized by Bernie Ecclestone over a race issue. Never miss the top F1 articles again by registering right away for FREE. Invalid We use your sign-up to better understand you and to deliver content in ways you’ve authorized. According to our understanding, this may involve advertisements from us and third parties. You are always free to unsubscribe. More details At the British Grand Prix earlier this month, Lewis Hamilton was had to make evasive maneuvers in order to avoid colliding with Charles Leclerc. When they reconnected in Spielberg a few days later, the Mercedes driver’s Formula 1 adversary overheard him stating as much. As they got closer to the Silverstone finish line, where six drivers had already pulled out of the race, Hamilton and Leclerc were slugging it out for third position. The Ferrari driver Leclerc reclaimed position at Copse Corner while the pair were on lap 48 of 52, stealing in front of Hamilton from the outside at a speed of almost 300 kph. The switch only lasted a short while, as Hamilton eventually edged the Monegasque to the podium in his home race. The Silver Arrows player said Leclerc he had his safety in mind throughout the height of their struggle, and there were no bitter feelings between the two. On the most recent edition of Ferrari’s All Access YouTube series, the seven-time world champion is heard telling his rival, “F***, I don’t want to just clip you and send you off.” Lewis Hamilton will likely win again, but Max Verstappen says he needs “a little bit more.” Before the Austrian Grand Prix, Hamilton and Leclerc exchanged words. (Getty)One might understand Hamilton’s anxiety, especially at such a risky section of the Silverstone track. During the 2017 British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Hamilton crashed at Copse, sending the Red Bull driver crashing into the tire barrier and forcing him to abandon the race. The stewards finally found Hamilton, 37, to be at fault and assessed him a 10-second time penalty; nevertheless, this did not stop him from winning the race. One might easily argue that, when comparing the two events, Hamilton gave Leclerc a lot more room outside than he did Verstappen a year before. NOT TO MISS Between Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen chooses Sergio Perez as his favorite teammate. Lewis After 29 years, Hamilton’s F1 dream is in jeopardy as DHL play down “speculation.” Valtteri Bottas declares George Russell the winner as the teenage driver beat Lewis Hamilton The F1 competitors seem to get along well. (Getty) After the British GP, Hamilton looked to take a shot at Verstappen while describing Leclerc as “such a sensible driver” to reporters. He continued, “quite different from what I experienced last year.” “Take Copse, for instance. Leclerc and I breezed right through there.” The British driver has finished third in the last three races, which is his greatest run of form thus far this year. When the season starts in France on July 24, Leclerc, who won the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday, will aim to close the 38-point deficit to leader Verstappen.