Formula 1

Mercedes F1 is planning to remove the rear wings from its W13 car at Monza

While Formula One heads to Monza this weekend for the Italian Grand Prix, Mercedes F1 may have a difficult weekend because its W13 is not comfortable on circuits that require a lot of top speed.
It’s possible that the German team is less efficient than it was in Zandvoort last week, but Toto Wolff, in a lighthearted tone, has clearly found the ideal solution to ensure that this is not the case.
“We’re thinking about removing the rear wings to make ourselves less vulnerable in a straight line,” the Austrian leader joked.
« We have a car with far too much aerodynamic drag, and we won’t need downforce at this track. That is something we hope to change quickly in light of next year, but we are learning the hard way for the time being.
« And I believe it will penalize us on some of the remaining circuits this year, particularly in qualifying. It’s better in the race because, as we saw at Spa, there aren’t any significant differences in a straight line.
Mercedes F1 is less efficient than at Zandvoort but more efficient than at Spa.
Andrew Shovlin, director of track engineering, is a little less pessimistic than his boss.
« We’ll be able to use smaller fins there, we’ll have less downforce, and we’re hopeful that some of the specific issues we had at Spa on the bumps won’t affect us. »
« We can move the car to a better operating window. However, the Red Bull looks very efficient, it’s quick on the straights and it’s quick on the corners and those issues seem more important to us when we go on low downforce tracks. »
« It’s difficult to say where we’ll be: probably not as strong as we were at Zandvoort, but hopefully not as difficult as at Spa. »
By the end of the season, several circuits should be suitable for the W13.
Despite the fact that Monza is a more difficult circuit, Mercedes believes there will be other circuits where they can extract more potential from their car before the season ends.
“There are always a number of factors at work,” Shovlin continues.
“One of them is that we just developed the car, trying to solve a few of the issues we had at the start of the season, and we got faster and faster over time.”
« However, you saw at Spa that we really struggled particularly on a single lap and we have identified some areas of development that make it difficult to get it working in its optimum state on those tracks. We had to raise the car slightly at Spa, and we struggled with it over some bumps, which cost us performance.
« It was easier to put the car in the right window in Zandvoort. It drove well and did not bounce over bumps. It gave the drivers confidence, and they were able to push it, so we probably had a good weekend. most competitive end of the year in terms of qualifying and race »
« It was very encouraging, and we will have more good circuits in the future. »