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Miami Heat: Why They Are Not A Christmas Game In The NBA?

What is required to play a Christmas game? Famous people? Maybe a link to Michael Jordan? What is the best record? The Miami Heat have no idea!
Perhaps no NBA franchise is more reviled than the Miami Heat. They reached the conference finals last year, but no Christmas game? What must the franchise do to gain the NBA’s respect?
The Miami Heat are one of the NBA’s largest franchises, as well as one of its most popular in recent years. Its value has nearly doubled in the last decade, to a whopping $2.3 billion today!

What, more importantly, have they not done? They have one of the most exciting teams in the league. They have a superstar in Jimmy Butler, who is said to be related to Michael Jordan. The team is consistently ranked in the top four in the east.
The presence of stars like Butler isn’t enough to propel them to a prominent TV position. In fact, we believe you would not have gotten this far if we hadn’t used our specific title.

Yes, it may sound a little far-fetched, but that is precisely the point. The Miami Heat have received no respect in this city, and aside from their fan base, no one else cares.

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Teams such as the New York Knicks get a Christmas game, despite having no connection to winning or Michael Jordan! The Miami Heat are in despair.
Make the conference finals by defeating a team that includes a former MVP and an MVP candidate, and then take the Boston Celtics to 7 games in the conference finals and lose?

The breadth of work done by Miami is still insufficient for the NBA to award merit. Instead, a team such as the New York Knicks will play a Christmas game. It’s primetime television, and while New York remains a large market, the team is not deserving.

When the Miami Heat discover they are the only team to reach the conference finals without receiving a Christmas game photo.

[email protected] — NBA Memes (@NBAMemes) August 17, 2022

The NBA’s power structure remains lopsided, as evidenced by the scheduling.

Except for the Miami Heat, the last eight playoff teams are hosting Christmas games.
The Miami Heat have the highest Christmas game percentage in the NBA (11-2, or 84%).
“Heat have no superstars”, while Jimmy Butler was the best player in the playoffs last year
— HEATMUSE (@HEATmuse) August 15, 2022

Even the Heat’s own Twitter handle was complaining about the lack of TV coverage. Well, we’re not sure what a team has to do to get a TV spot during Christmas time.

Guess we were this close to getting a Christmas game… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
— Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) August 17, 2022

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