Formula 1

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda are looking forward to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

After failing at the points gate last weekend at Zandvoort, Pierre Gasly hopes this time that his AlphaTauri will allow him to play in the top 10 at Monza. Obviously, this is a very special track for the French driver since he won his first Formula 1 victory there during the 2020 season.
« It was a difficult weekend in Zandvoort. We made some progress on the car for qualifying, but I couldn’t keep up with our usual rivals in the race, especially after losing a starting position and struggling in traffic. However, we have learned valuable lessons, and I am optimistic about the final race in Europe.
« Monza is quite close to home, and this circuit will always be very, very special to me for the rest of my career. There are always mixed emotions there, and not just because it is the team’s home race. The energy and atmosphere there are fantastic for all of us.
« We must approach this race with the goal of scoring points. It won’t be easy with the car we have, but there are always opportunities, and we must take advantage of them. We can get a good result if we do a good job. We must remain optimistic and move forward.
« With these new cars, we’ve seen that some situations were easier to manage, others less so, but overall it was easier to overtake, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case at Monza. We’ll be able to follow each other closer but with less drag, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I won at Monza after starting 10th on the grid, proving that anything is possible in Formula One!
Tsunoda’s penalty in Italy will be heavily influenced by him.
Yuki Tsunoda, who surprised everyone by qualifying in Q3 in the Netherlands, retired in the race due to a differential problem on his AT03. In any case, the Japanese driver will have a lot to do at Monza because he will receive a 10-place grid penalty for his fifth reprimand of the season at Zandvoort.
« Despite the team’s efforts to improve the car for qualifying at Zandvoort, things did not go as planned in the race, as I encountered a differential problem that forced me to pit. We will now be in Monza for a very special weekend for the team.
« I was unable to start the Italian Grand Prix last year, so I have yet to cover the distance of a Formula 1 race there. « I’m looking forward to our second home race of the season, following Imola. This weekend is very exciting for the entire team.
« At the moment I don’t know if our car will work on this track, but as usual we will make sure to extract the maximum possible from it. Draft will be an important factor on this fast track and with these new cars. , on which the phenomenon is less strong than in the past. Overtaking should be possible now that it is easier to follow each other, but there is also the risk of becoming stuck in the DRS train.
« I see everyone attempting to draft in qualifying; the key will be to manage that well in order to qualify well. Of course we go into this race with a penalty but I like this track so we’ll see how it goes. will take place.