Formula 1

The Mexican says it is too early to judge the impact of the new rules

Sergio Perez thinks it is too soon for the sport to make judgments about the new Formula 1 vehicles for 2022.

Because to the ground effect phenomena, cars have been bobbing on the straights since the beginning of the season.

Some drivers have complained that the challenges are now set up significantly stiffer than previously and run much lower to the ground.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell from the Mercedes team have been particularly outspoken on the subject, raising concerns about how safe the current circumstances are.

The FIA established a Technical Directive ahead of the most recent Canadian Grand Prix in an effort to reduce porpoising, effectively using Montreal as a data-gathering weekend.

Red Bull disagreed with the FIA’s ruling, and team manager Christian Horner insisted that their squad was not affected by bouncing.

When asked if the new rules had changed the direction of F1, Perez responded, “I think it’s too early to judge this regulations.

“I believe they brought good racing, and you can watch closely, for sure. The bouncing that we are experiencing, in my opinion, is the drawback.

But since a new period is just beginning, we must give the new laws some time to take effect. After that, I believe, everything should be OK.

Some have asserted that Red Bull opposes any rule modifications because of the fast start to the 2022 campaign.

Even though Ferrari’s car occasionally bounced violently down the straights, especially on Carlos Sainz’s side of the garage, its speed was unaffected.

Sainz acknowledges that he was taken aback by how quickly the FIA decided to act in response to driver complaints.

The talk we had with the FIA over the past several weeks and the drivers’ objections have undoubtedly been heard, he claimed.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t anticipate such a quick reaction or quick action. Because I believe that we really need to consider what steps we need to do in order to make these cars [better] in the future.

Make the appropriate changes to make them a little friendlier for the drivers. Let’s examine these regulations, nevertheless. Because everyone is simply running as efficiently and as low as they can, I believe they will start to have an impact on almost every team in the grid.

“But I’m interested to see how it affects everyone really, see how it goes.”