Formula 1

The Spaniard believes Formula 1 is still too predictable

Fernando Alonso thinks Formula 1 is still “too boring” because it is “predictable” to a degree that is unheard of in other sports.
After a two-season absence, the Spaniard returned to Formula 1 in 2021 with Alpine. That season would mark the debut of brand-new rules intended to crowd up the pack and make overtaking simpler.
These laws had to be delayed by a season due to the global epidemic, but now that they have been implemented, there hasn’t been any indication of a more intense race to the front.
In fact, with Red Bull and Ferrari leading the way ahead of the midfield teams, it has likely become even more obvious than before.
Alonso himself was in contention for pole in Australia before crashing out due to a hydraulics problem, but only Mercedes has so far been able to threaten that top two on occasion.
In the muddy conditions of the Canadian Grand Prix, he would qualify on the front row.
Overall though, Alonso criticized the levels of excitement being produced, claiming that Formula 1 had yet to recapture an unpredictable feel.

In response to a question from NOS about whether the new cars, which lured him back by offering more competitiveness, have been successful, Alonso said: “It’s so-so. Sadly, Formula 1 is still incredibly predictable. Ferrari and Red Bull are the main focus. Only Carlos Sainz, Sergio Pérez, Max Verstappen, and Charles Leclerc have a chance at victory. There is no other sport that I am aware of that operates in this manner. “The GPs have improved in enjoyment, and with these cars you can fight more effectively. Although I still find it tedious, it is a component of Formula 1. There will always be faster teams than slower teams.
The new regulations were likely best demonstrated at Silverstone, as Leclerc attempted to fend off the pursuing group on worn-out tires after a Safety Car period.
Alonso, who eventually placed fifth, was one of the vehicles chasing Leclerc and the podium.
Although he called that scene “sensational,” he was in “no man’s land” before it, so he was unable to get overly aroused.
The Safety Car helped the field come together, thus the last stage at Silverstone was amazing, according to Alonso.
I was now a spectator and could see the leaders, but there was a drawback: I was sixth and in the middle of nowhere halfway through the race. Not all that exciting.
Alonso acknowledges that Ferrari and Red Bull’s domination has somewhat dimmed the excitement of his comeback, but he is still driven to outperform his 2021 performance.
Additionally, it makes him feel extremely satisfied when he overcomes the odds, such as in Canada.
When asked if Red Bull and Ferrari were killing the anticipation for his comeback, Alonso said, “A little bit. Naturally, I miss the competitive podium battles. Naturally, it feels amazing when I succeed for a while, as in Canada when I began in the front row close to Max. This season allows me to demonstrate things that people no longer anticipate from me, which is fantastic. That has always been my greatest asset, and I’m proud of it. Becoming a better driver than I was in 2021 is what motivates me. In this sport, you compete against yourself as well.
Nonetheless, Alonso does believe that Alpine have moved considerably closer to Red Bull and Ferrari, thanks to an upgrade package which his team introduced at the British Grand Prix.
A double-points finish in Austria followed, where Alpine were clearly the fourth-fastest team on the grid, with Mercedes their current target.
“I am quite happy with this season,” said Alonso. “We are quite competitive, but we have made some mistakes and had a lot of bad luck, like at the start of the sprint race [at Silverstone]. “ The car is not reliable enough, as a result we have not harvested enough [points]. Still, things are going in the right direction. “ At the last race in England, we made a big step through big updates. Red Bull and Ferrari are still a size too big, but the gap has narrowed a lot. We still lose ground in slow corners. There is room for improvement there.”