Formula 1

The Spanish capital Madrid has expressed its interest in hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix in the future.

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The Spanish Grand Prix is currently hosted by F1 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya outside of Barcelona, and a deal with the organisers is in effect until 2026.

But after writing to F1 CEO and president Stefano Domenicali to indicate its interest in hosting a race, Madrid has officially entered the fray as a prospective future host city for a grand prix.

Earlier this week, Enrique Lopez, a cabinet minister for the Community of Madrid, wrote to Domenicali to express the city’s support for a grand prix plan.

For the authorities of the Community of Madrid, Lopez wrote, “It is my pleasure to write to you to convey our interest in the creation of a Formula 1 grand prix in Madrid.

“I think staging a motor racing event in Madrid would benefit all the individuals, organizations, and businesses engaged in the growth of Formula 1 and be one of the most thrilling athletic events of our time.

Naturally, it would also be satisfying for the entire region and its people. The Community of Madrid’s government has a keen interest in making it happen for this reason.

“In conclusion, I would want to reaffirm our dedication to you and this initiative, as well as our willingness to sign the necessary contracts to promote the event and provide a fantastic sporting and entertainment spectacle.

To bring Formula 1 to Madrid, we are prepared to collaborate with you and your team.

In 2021, Carlos Sainz and Audi performed a demonstration event in Madrid’s streets. Image source: Red Bull Content Pool

Madrid has expressed interest, following F1’s warning to the Spanish Grand Prix organisers to address “unacceptable” traffic and organizational concerns after a number of issues surfaced at the Barcelona race back in May.

Over the course of the racing weekend, more than 300,000 fans visited the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but the facility was unprepared to handle such sizable crowds.

The Jarama track, located north of the city, has previously hosted the Spanish round of the Formula One World Championship nine times, but the last time was in 1981, and the circuit no longer complies with F1 safety regulations.

Currently, potential new markets and towns are showing a surge of interest in Formula 1. The calendar for the next year is expected to include races in South Africa, Qatar, and Las Vegas, bringing the total to the 24 races allowed by the Concorde Agreement.