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Verstappen takes pole at Zandvoort, but Ferrari find their mojo

Pinned Pinned View New Posts Ferrari discovered their mojo. 9 a.m. ETTV: ESPNStream: fuboTV Date: September 4Location: 2.646 miles (4.259 kilometers), 14 turns How to Watch the Dutch Grand Prix in Formula One Carlos Sainz Jr. in the second Ferrari is right behind Leclerc. Zandvoort Circuit, North Holland, The Netherlands A strange thing happened on the way to Max Verstappen’s victory party in Zandvoort, despite the fact that the race had yet to be run. Hamilton returns in fifth place on hard compound tires. Having Leclerc alongside him at the start will still be a challenge, and it will be interesting to see who can make the better launch and who will simply push the issue that much further at the first turn. Mercedes may still have a say in the championship race, as Lewis Hamilton was fourth fastest on the day, with Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez separating Hamilton and the second Mercedes of George Russell on the grid. Yes, Verstappen and Red Bull Racing recovered from a poor performance in practice on Friday to take pole for Sunday’s Dutch Grand Prix, but by only 0.021 seconds over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. At Lap 28, Verstappen catches and passes Russell down the front straight before pulling away through the Tarzan turns to take second place. Hamilton will be up next for the race lead, and he may not have to work too hard because Hamilton will need to pit soon, one would think. Verstappen, on his new medium compounds, is turning fast lap after fast lap behind them. On lap 23, Hamilton and Russell are still putting in laps on the mediums they began on. Red Bull has summoned Verstappen to the pits. Pinned If Mercedes is considering a one-stop strategy, they will pit for the hard compound, so they will want to push and complete as many laps as possible on these mediums. Perez is ranked fifth, followed by Sainz, Alex Albon, Norris, Stroll, and Alonso in the top ten. More importantly, as the race nears Lap 20, Verstappen is ahead of Leclerc, who is fourth and four seconds behind Verstappen. The quickness of the Ferraris, however, gives hope that Zandvoort will not be just another Sunday drive along the beach for Verstappen, who simply put his head down and hung it all out there to take the pole after his team worked out gearbox and setup issues from Friday. A replay of Sainz’s pit stop clearly shows that the driver’s side rear tire was not brought out for his stop and had to be retrieved while he waited patiently in his pit box. Leclerc’s crew is getting ready for his pit stop. Let’s hope they get it right for him. As Sainz has pointed out, this is the case. It appeared to be a fire drill of a stop. Perez is back in eighth place. It’s a 12.7-second stop that puts you in 11th place. Perez attacked Sainz’s wheel gun from behind. View More