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Yuki Tsunoda has a good chance of staying with Red Bull, team boss Dietrich Tost says

The team has already formally confirmed Pierre Gasly for the upcoming season, but Tsunoda’s position is still in jeopardy due to his collision with Gasly during the British GP, which is the largest stain on his record. The Frenchman had an advantage in qualifying, but Tsunoda and Gasly have been more competitive in terms of race finishes, with the Japanese driver earning 11 points to Gasly’s 16. This season, Red Bull has several young drivers performing well in F2, but none have yet clearly and visibly threatened Tsunoda’s position. At the Austrian GP, Tost remarked of Tsunoda, “If he continues like he did during the season, aside from crashing, I think that he has a good opportunity to stay with us.” Depending on him. He will remain if he performs well, and he will be eliminated if he doesn’t. Completely simple Yuki Tsunoda, AT03 for AlphaTauri Submitted by Bryn Lennon, Toyota F1 Tsunoda was recently dubbed to as the “problem child” of Red Bull motorsport by Helmut Marko, who specifically mentioned his abrupt radio demeanor. Tost, though, made it known that he preferred a driver with a strong personality. Tost remarked, “I enjoy problem kids because they are the real good kids who can create something out of it. The holy children are not my cup of tea. Yuki made a mistake; he is aware of it and will address it. He’s still going through the development stage. He is quick. He was also swift this past weekend. He will act in his own way. It need a little while. Tost acknowledged that following the crash at Silverstone, he was ready to issue Tsunoda a warning. This was obviously a nightmare for the team. The reason being that the drivers were in positions 7 and 8. Additionally, we were aware of how challenging Silverstone is for us, so we actually had a strong position. Then, after growing a little agitated, Yuki attempted to outbrake Pierre but failed, losing the rear and colliding with him. “I brought Yuki into my office right after the race and told him that this is not acceptable and that he needs to be more patient and disciplined. “We have seen this a few times in the history of F1; it wasn’t the first collision between teammates and it won’t be the last, hopefully with us. However, this must be prevented in any way. Also read: AlphaTauri thinks significant French F1 patches to address flaws Tsunoda admits fault for the British Grand Prix F1 collision with Gasly. Alpine investigates what’s behind F1’s recent dependability issues Tsunoda, meanwhile, had a frustrating weekend in Austria, and was left mystified as to why his car lacked performance and grip on the way to 16th place. He thinks the group can come up with solutions. When asked about his performance by, he responded, “Clearly something happened on to my car especially.” “As a team we didn’t have pace, but even considering that, especially my car just didn’t have pace. “ I gave it everything to be honest, I’m quite satisfied with the performance I did, but just no pace, no grip at all. Therefore, we must undoubtedly ascertain what the problem was there. The fresh tyre is able to kind of hide those issues, the limitations, but as soon as I feel like a step less grip, it just starts to slide out. So we just have to definitely find out what was the issue there.”